Sunday, August 19, 2007


Why Filipino people and the rest of the world should know about the Treaty of Paris?

First, Filipinos amongst all other Asian nations and if not in the rest of world today, are becoming known to be the most notorious at its highest rated label on graft and corruption and in violation of human rights, as noted and rated by the united nations exposed in the news paper early this year.

First, a representative of United Nation came to investigate in this violation on Human Rights on the killings of the people protecting the right of the Media that are being slain, so as Political oppositions, Filipino Priest, Military and especially, the civilian advocates and tribal leaders were killings is rampant.

On the other hand, killings of media men in the Philippines remain unabated and the frequency going high. Already, Sumalipong, a local journalist is the fourth this year and 64th since 1986 – the year when supposedly democracy was restored.

The Philippines is now tagged as the 2nd most dangerous country in the world for the journalists. Yes, next to Iraq, this is in the state of war. For those in the industry, everybody and everyday are not anymore safe.

The government seems inutile in protecting media and the killings remain unsolved. Because of this, it is but high time for us to stand firm and take hold of the torch of knowledge and of God’s wisdom back in our lives and regain the honor that has been lost.

Thru the Original Certificate Title (O.C.T.) 01-4, under the Treaty of Paris that needs to be redeemed by the rightful claimant which accord under International Law, now gives the Filipino a chance to be honorable again!Let justice prevail to Humanity!

Let God guide and control us! Like always, we say, Philippines need a Divine Intervention for a real change! For justice and human rights of the people has been lost.

So, let us support God and Love our country and its people as a nation under God.

All other questions must be answered clearly with out any deception! So, be it!

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