Sunday, August 19, 2007

Guest Message

The Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation, is informing all our guest, that the Ministry does not force anyone to join the Ministry against their will.

We respect individuals´ faith, or any form of oneself religious beliefs.
God the Father, creator of heaven and earth, have given us free will to choose. We do, however, encourage everyone to read and know the purpose of this Ministry.
As member, we encourage scriptural readings from any Bible thy wish and encourage everyone to perform of what is written:
be a witness of a manifestation of the events and help purify ourselves to be a Living Faithful for a Living God!
We are a newly born Ministry. The Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation will walk us thru and guide us with enlightenment, to be the children of the Lord, our God in this World. We all will grow together as brothers and sisters in the Kingdom of God!
The Ministry will teach and guide us to do and to understand on what has been written!

We encourage everyone to read the purpose, to decide, and to execute without delay.

We welcome everyone to be part of our Ministry.
May the Holy Spirit in us, enlightens and guides us accordingly.
For many are called but few are chosen!
God bless.

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Anonymous said...

good day pastora,i just want to know what happened to that teasury notes that your member found?is it still in your possesion?i have a known buyer he is the president of ameridina metals,he buys gold,and all kinds of federal notes,by the way,im Roberto Regis of davao city,if you have time i will be glad to meet you personally,so that we could discuss it privately.thanks and GODbless